It takes preparation to achieve success. This is true in most situations—even regarding tools. So if you are working on DIY projects like deck removal, a home renovation, or simply cleaning up after a storm, preparing the right tools is half the battle. Make sure to put them somewhere accessible so you can work more efficiently and conveniently.

On a budget? Don’t worry—you don’t have to buy many different tools to complete your toolbox. All you need are a few essential professional tools to reduce clutter and keep things more organized in your workshop. Here are some recommendations:

Trim Puller

One of the essential tools to have is the Zenith Trim Puller, which is used for removing trimming from walls and baseboards. It is versatile enough to use for prying off molding, ceramic tiles, and decorative panels, too, as well as countertops that were glued or nailed.

What also makes the Zenith Trim Puller an essential pro tool is the contact area and 15-degree wedged center simplifies extraction. Because it has a flatter and larger contact area compared to a claw or pry bar, it can be used without a small board spacer or shim and it won’t cause damage. It might save you $400 or more in labor and materials, too.

Floor Lifter

A floor lifting tool makes it easier to pull, lift, scrape, and pry flooring for safe and easy removal without damage. An ideal design has a built-in wedge to efficiently remove chair rails, door and window casing, carpet tack strips, popcorn ceilings, ceramic tiles, and wood. It can be used for removing level base cabinets, too. That makes it an important tool to have for the most rigorous projects.

If you must invest in one floor lifter, check out the one we have. The Zenith Floor Lifter is useful for all types of flooring and it can be used as a chisel. It is built with 48Rc steel and Trim Puller wedge technology. These features allow the Zenith Floor Lifter to penetrate deeper on trims (7” to 10”). It’s ergonomic with an EDPM grip design that makes it comfortable to use for crown molding. Do you need it for scraping? There is a screw cap you can use for the extension handle.

Self Prying Pro-Bar

Some projects involving demolition and wrecking require a tool that can easily separate, destroy, and lift fast and efficiently while making the job effortless for you. The Self Prying Pro-Bar is particularly made for such projects. With integrated and beveled wedges, the tool is very easy to use. It eliminates the need for a flat pry bar, a claw, or a wrecking bar for removing a wide range of structures and features, including planks, large floor tiles, decking, and sub-flooring.

You can’t go wrong with the Zenith Self Prying Pro-Bar. It is made of 48Rc steel, so it should last through many different projects. It should be comfortable to use for extended periods as it is 16 inches long, weighs three pounds, and comes with a comfort grip. The pry bar strength has the Trim Puller utility. Our Self Prying Pro-Bar is also practical for precision nail removal, pallet busting, and storm clean-ups.

Ready for your next project?

It’s easy to keep your toolkit neatly organized when it has only the essentials, like the Zenith Trim Puller, Self-Prying Pro-Bar, and Floor Lifter. Each tool is versatile for many different tasks, so you can quickly, efficiently, and successfully finish your projects without having to buy too many things. By investing in versatile tools that can be used in many applications, you can save more money, too. Shop for Zenith products at Amazon and at Home Depot stores and online.