Danco has a portfolio rich with industry-leading, consumer driven patented solutions.

Patents Listing by Model:

U.S. Patents

ModelProduct US Patent Number(s)US Application Number(s)
12027Crack & Crevice Cleaning Tool US 10932642 B2
ZN70030110" Self Prying Pry Bar 11858790 B2
ZN700051trim puller mini tool-zenith industries Molding Removal Tool Assembly US8365378B1
ZN700101Pro Bar Pry Bar Assembly 11021355 B2 11858790 B2 Construction Wrecking Tool D880969 S1
ZN700201Floor Lifter Hand Tool Pry Bar Assembly (Continuation) USD801146S1 Wall Trim and Molding removal tool USD801146S1
ZN700001Trim Puller Tool Molding Removal Tool assembly US8365378B1

Canadian Patents

ModelProduct Canada Patent Number(s)Canada Application Number(s)
ZN700101Pro Bar Construction Wrecking Tool CA186298S

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