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Trim Puller Mini Tool

  • The Trim Puller Mini is the smaller version of the innovative and revolutionary tool, Trim Puller pry bar tool, designed to make trim removal faster and more efficient without damaging your trim or walls
  • This trim tool removal tool fits in tight spaces, with great precision.
  • Perfect for removing baseboard trim, crown molding, chair railings, door casings and decorative wall panels without damage
  • Wider and flatter than traditional prying bar tools and does not require the use of a shim or spacer
  • Allows for re-use of trim
Model # ZN700051
5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
4 customer reviews Write a review

How to video

Product Description

The Zenith Trim Puller Mini Tool is the smaller version of the revolutionary, patented Trim Puller pry bar tool that does all the work of a standard pry bar and claw without damage. The Trim Puller Mini tool has all of the great features and benefits of the our Trim Puller trim removal tool combined with its nimble size to reach tight spaces and allows for delicate work where extra precision is needed. The Trim Puller Mini is specifically designed to safely and easily remove baseboard trim, crown molding, door casings and decorative wall panels without damage to the trim or to the wall and without the need for a shim or small board spacer. It has a larger, flatter and wider contact area than traditional tools and features an integrated wedged center that provides increased removal efficiency and prevents damage to both the trim and wall. The Trim Puller Mini is ideal for repair and remodel projects where care and precision are required. An impact absorbing rubber handle provides increased user comfort and its robust 48 Rockwell c heat treated steel construction provides durability. Save time, save trim, save money and stop damaging walls with the use of the Trim Puller Mini.

4 reviews for Trim Puller Mini Tool

  1. Perfect tool!


    YouTube Or Vimeo URL : https://www.instagram.com/dawson.diy/?hl=en

    The Mini Trim Puller is perfect for removing more delicate pieces of trim. I’ve used it to remove quarter round around baseboards.


  2. Compact multi-purpose tool

    Ron Hazelton

    The Trim Puller Mini, don’t let its size fool you. It offers a whole lot of prying power, in a compact multi-purpose tool.

  3. Excellent Tool !


    PERFECT for removing any trim and carpet tacks & tile. Many other uses with this tool. Highly Recommend, Strong and durable; Worth the price.

  4. The Right Tool For The Job


    I had to pull all the baseboard in the house before our floors are redone. I bought this after watching some how-to videos. Wow! I got through the whole job without damaging any of the baseboard or the walls! This tool was the perfect tool for the job. If I had one criticism i...Read More

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California residents prop 65 warning

This product can expose you to chemicals including Carbon Black, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Este producto puede exponerte a sustancias químicas, incluso negro de humo, que el Estado de California reconoce como causante de cáncer. Para más información, visita www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trim Puller Mini Designed for?

The Zenith Trim Puller Mini is explicitly designed to safely remove baseboards, molding, door casings, decorative panels, and even nailed or glued countertops.

Will the Trim Puller Mini remove baseboards without damaging drywall or the trim?

The Trim Puller and the Trim Puller Mini are ideal for baseboards and molding removal.

How do I use the Trim Puller Mini?

Place the Trim Puller Mini between the plank and wall. Wedge the Trim Puller Mini slowly until fully separated. Repeat steps until fully removed.

What is the purpose of the wedged center?

The Trim Puller Mini’s wedged center provides increased removal efficiency to prevent damage to both the trim and wall.

What is the Trim Puller Mini made of?

The Trim Puller Mini is made of durable high carbon, heat treated steel, and a shock-absorbing handle.

Can the Trim Puller Mini Tool be used to remove door casings and crown molding?

Yes, the Trim Puller Mini can be used to remove door casings, crown molding, baseboards, and wall trim.

Where can I purchase the Trim Puller Mini?

The Trim Puller Mini can be purchased at Lowes.