In a significant achievement, Danco has reached a noteworthy achievement by securing the prestigious 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Award. Among its accomplishments, Danco’s Attachable Dust Pan has been recognized in the Accessory Tool Category

Zenith by Danco has also received accolades as a winner in the 2023 Hand Tools Awards at the Pro Tool Innovation Awards. The Innovative Trim Puller has been recognized for its excellence as a pry bar tool within the Hand Tools Category.  Additionally, the Zenith Crack and Crevice Cleaner has also been recognized as a winning tool in the Landscaping Category.

These awards are the result of a rigorous evaluation process by a panel of judges comprising contractors, construction business owners, tradespeople, and media experts. The Pro Tool Innovation Awards continue to spotlight innovative products in the construction and outdoor power equipment sector.

Here’s what the PTIA judges had to say about the winning products. 

Attachable Dust Pan: “Danco’s Attachable Dust Pan, a $5 bucket accessory, offers versatile utility in both shop and home settings. Simply connect it to a standard 5-gallon bucket to scoop debris, sweep sawdust – Its versatility knows no bounds”.

Crack and Crevice Cleaner: “The Zenith Crack and Crevice Cleaner addresses the common problem of weed growth in joints of concrete, decks, or patios. Easily attach it to your preferred handle, eliminating the need to bend over or resort to weed killers. It’s a cost-effective landscaping tool solution”.

Trim Puller: “The Zenith Trim Puller simplifies baseboard or trim removal during remodeling projects. Its design prevents wall damage, making rework less time-consuming and costly. With a retail price of just under $25, it’s a cost-effective addition to any toolkit”.

Editor-in-Chief Kenny Koehler emphasized the groundbreaking features and value-driven designs of the winning products, acknowledging their role in driving progress across various industries. The Pro Tool Innovation Awards, attracting manufacturers and over 465 product submissions this year, underscore the industry’s shift toward battery-powered technology, prioritizing efficiency, safety, and enhanced jobsite productivity. Executive Director Clint DeBoer praised the ongoing innovation, noting increasing levels of innovation from both large and small companies.

The awards have become a highly anticipated platform, showcasing advancements in battery-powered technology and innovative products. Established in 2013, the Pro Tool Innovation Awards are evaluated by a panel of professionals from diverse industries. For over 35 years, Danco, a retail division of the Plumbing Products Group, has been a leading plumbing repair, Plumbing parts replacement, and remodeling supplier, consistently delivering innovative products. Learn more at and