Crown molding is a decorative trim located between the top of the wall and ceiling. It is sometimes necessary to remove the crown molding when repairing the wall or painting. As crown molding is secured to the wall with a combination of glue and nails, removing crown molding without any damage is a challenging and timely process. Still, it is possible to remove seamlessly using Zenith tools. When undertaking such tasks, having the right tools like crown molding tools from Zenith can make the process more efficient and help achieve a professional finish.

Zenith Trim Puller™ is explicitly designed to safely and efficiently remove baseboards, molding, door casings, decorative panels, crown molding, and even removing crown molding from walls or ceilings without damaging the trim or the wall. There is also no need to use a shim or small board spacer. It boasts a larger, flatter, and wider contact area than clumsy traditional tools, making it exceptionally suited for tasks like crown molding removal. An integrated wedged center enhances removal efficiency and prevents damage to both trim and wall, ensuring a clean and minimal impact process whether you’re removing crown molding from the ceiling or elsewhere.

How to Remove Crown Molding

To remove the crown molding, score the seam between the crown molding and the wall with the Trim Puller™. Score the bottom, ends, and in between each seam of the crown molding. 

Insert the steel wedge of the Trim Puller™ between the molding and wall paneling at one end. Slowly pry the Trim Puller to release the crown molding moving from one end to another. If needed, use a hammer to drive the Trim Puller further between the molding and wall. Use a pry bar to mold away 1/8 inch from the wall. To prevent any damage, do not pry any further until the entire piece of crown molding is 1/8 inch away from the wall. 

As you remove the crown molding, inspect the gap for any exposed nails, as you will need to remove them later. Place the Trim Puller™ near the nail to pry the molding away. Pry evenly down the length of the molding, moving the molding away from the wall evenly until the crown molding is completely separated from the wall.

Once the crown molding is removed, use the integrated nail puller to extract the nails from the plank. The Zenith Trim Puller™ includes an integrated precision nail remover with a 90-angled face, making it the perfect tool for repair and remodel projects! 

For smaller areas, use the Zenith Trim Puller™ Mini. It’s the smaller version of the innovative and revolutionary tool, Trim Puller, designed to make trim removal faster and more efficient without damaging your trim or walls. The Mini fits in tight spaces, with great precision perfect for removing baseboards, chair railings, door casings, and decorative panels without any damage! Zenith’s family of Trim Puller’s uses ultimate precision and ease when removing trim, baseboards, and crown molding, making it feel like clockwork. 

Save Time, Save Trim, Save Cash, and Stop Damaging Walls! Use the Trim Puller for all your remodeling and demolition projects! The Trim Puller™ is available are many retailers such as Amazon, Lowes, and Home Depot

The Trim Puller™ Mini is available exclusively online or in-store at Lowes