A kitchen remodel is a major project to tackle, even for small DIY projects. As it can be said for any DIY renovation, it’s great to plan ahead to drive efficiency and come out with a freshly updated kitchen to enjoy! Here are some things to remember before you begin kitchen renovations.

The fairly obvious but arguably most important question is why you are renovating your kitchen? But some other important questions to address are:

  • What kind of DIY project is this? (i.e., plumbing, flooring, counter, paint, electrical)
  • Is this a simple DIY or a full-scale renovation?
  • What is the budget?
  • Are you looking to upgrade a dated surface or material? Need a change? Or add new features? 
  • Do you want to add resale value?
  • What do you use your kitchen for most often?

As there are many questions and more that come with planning a remodel, these are important things to note to determine the goals and scope of the project. 

Establishing the budget for the kitchen renovation is crucial as the average kitchen remodel cost stated by Home Advisor is $25,656 but can range between $13,486 and $38,101, varying on the size, materials, and length of work. If you opt to do the renovation yourself (DIY), keep reading for 3 ways to save on a kitchen remodel. 

Budget and Plan

Keeping a budget is probably the hardest thing to stay on top of, so maintaining a detailed budget and plan is the key to success and savings. Renovations typically are  ¾th planning and ¼th implementation. This will allow the project to run smoothly and keep you from going over budget. In addition to planning a budget, do some research and plan your strategy. You do not want to take on a major tile or countertop renovation without knowing how to finish it.

DIY over professional

Consider a Do-it-yourself approach over hiring a professional to save time and money. Completing a DIY project also allows you to control every aspect of the renovation and personalize it to your liking. Also, take a chance on advancing your DIY skills! 

Small Renovations

A kitchen remodel does not have to be a huge renovation. Simply upgrading your kitchen décor or furnishings is an easy way to freshen up the space. Some small renovations include:

  • Replacing backsplash
  • Replacing counter trim
  • Changing light fixtures
  • Update appliances 

These small projects do not take long and are relatively low-budget. Some perfect tools to have on hand for small projects are the Trim Puller and Trim Puller Mini. Our line of Zenith tools are explicitly designed for safely removing baseboards, molding, door casings, decorative panels, and even nailed or glued countertops. Its larger, flatter and wider contact area features an integrated wedged center that provides increased removal efficiency and prevents damage to both the trim and wall. The Trim Puller Mini is the smaller version of the innovative and revolutionary tool, and the Mini fits in tight spaces with great precision.

The Zenith Trim Puller is available on Amazon, Lowes, and the Home Depot.

The Zenith Trim Puller Mini is available at Lowes

Some additional ways to save include, instead of completing your kitchen renovation fruitfully or step-by-step, doing it all at once. Maximizing your budget spending at the same time will speed up the process and eliminate the chances of redoing something you’ve already done. Work with what you got! Use your existing kitchen layout for more savings, as altering the layout can quickly drive up costs. Larger renovations may require the assistance of a professional, a larger budget, and heavy-duty tools such as the Floor Lifter. Explicitly designed for safely removing hardwood floors, ceramic tile, trim, nail, or glued countertops, it’s the ultimate demolition and remodeling multi-tool.

The Floor Lifter is available at the Home Depot and on Amazon.

For renovations, remodels, or demolitions of any type, the products from Zenith by Danco ease renovations, repairs, and demolitions of any scope to save time and money.