Danco Inc., a leading supplier in plumbing repair, replacement, and tools for home remodeling suppliers in the home improvement industry, announces roll out of a new home improvement product for the Zenith by Danco line, thhe 10” Self-Prying Pry Bar tool at online and in-stores Menards and online Amazon.

Zenith by Danco is the place for the highest quality Professional and DIY demolition, restoration and remodeling tools, tips and advice for your home remodeling or pro construction projects.

Tackle any home improvement project without damaging the floor or walls. The 10” Self-Prying Pry Bar is the ultimate salvage, wrecking and demolition tool! It removes floor tiles, planks, framing, sub-flooring and decking at any capacity. 

The 10” Zenith Self Prying Pro Bar utilizes a patented wedge technology in comparison to the original Self-Prying Pro-Bar tool. This powerful wedge technology easily lifts, separates, and destroys materials safely in minimal time without causing damage to materials involved. Read More