Summertime is the perfect season for BBQs and beaches. And it’s also a practical time to do some home improvement projects. Without ice, wind, rain, and snow to get in the way, the summer months make it so much easier to spot problems, do repairs, and upgrade the things that need updating. As long as you have the right equipment and tools from Zenith Products—such as the Pro Bar, floor lifter, and extension handle—any DIY home improvement projects during the summer should be easy.

Not sure what to do or where to start? Here are some suggestions:

Time to retire that popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings may have been popular in the 1960s and 70s, but they’ve gone out of style and make your home look dated. Removing them can be tricky and messy, but it’s worth the effort if you want to reveal the substrate underneath. Here are a few tips to make the task easier:

  1. Get the right materials and tools. You will need the Zenith Floor Lifter with an extended handle. Be sure to have plastic covers, a mud pan, and a pump sprayer.
  2. Prepare your workspace. Consider testing for asbestos before you start scraping. You may need to call a professional for that. If it’s safe, you can start preparing your workspace. Cover the walls and floors with plastic drop fabrics to make cleanup easier. Remove all furniture and appliances or at least cover them.
  3. Remove the popcorn ceiling. Wet the ceiling with a pump sprayer. Spray and scrape one small section at a time. The mud pan can be used to tame the mess before it goes to the floor.
  4. Patch the ceiling, fix the gouges, and small dings by sanding down until smooth.

Deck repair

The patio deck is a go-to hang out spot in the summer season whether you are enjoying a cold beverage with friends or relaxing on a chaise lounge. To enjoy outdoor time to the fullest consider making any necessary repairs to the deck or patio before the summer break rolls around to relieve any stress. If your patio contains damaged wood panels we recommend using the Zenith Pro-Bar to remove rotten or decayed boards as this innovative tool will make the job easier to pry off those stubborn planks. To remove nails left behind on the plank after removal, the Pro Bar also features a nail remover on the wedge to remove nails quickly and safely.

When you’re ready, apply a fresh coat of paint or finish the wood. Routine maintenance should be done on the deck to preserve the longevity of the wooden boards. If you need to strip off any additional planks in the future, use the Zenith Floor lifter with an extension handle as it will give you more leverage to remove and you can spend less time on your knees.

Repair your home’s siding

Is the siding of your home looking a bit worn down? You don’t have to replace it right away. Consider repairing it first. With the Zenith Floor lifter with extension handle, it will be easy to remove any rotted areas.

If you are a passionate DIY restorer, Zenith Industries is your go-to place for the best restoration or remodeling tools for your home remodeling or construction projects. If you want any tips or advice for your next DIY project, we are here to help you.