Whether it’s a small paint project or a room renovation, the New Year is a great time to give a new look to your home! Sometimes after years of painting, trim often needs stripping to regain its luster and reclaim its profiles. Also, plumbers and electricians often cut through trims to perform repairs or upgrades. Playful children and mischievous pets can damage old or delicate baseboards. However, removing trimming and baseboards is a skill that does not come easy to most. If the trim is not removed correctly, it can damage the wall.

These five tips will help you avoid damaging walls and trimming and eliminate the risk of collateral damage:

  1. First, you need the right tools for the job. While a pry bar is commonly used in projects like these, they are prone to damage and error. Zenith Industries specializes in tools such as the Zenith Trim Puller, specifically designed for easy trim removal that leaves no damage to the drywall underneath. It comes with a ground level on the edge of the trim puller so it can easily be driven between the wall and tool to release the seal. The unique wedged center allows easy extraction without damaging the wall or panel.
  2. For trim that is painted, or molding attached to a wall, locate the seal between trim and the wall, then use the Zenith Trim Puller for precise removal so you can salvage the material for recycling or reuse. This tool has an integrated close wedge to make it easier to precisely remove high-value materials. The Trim Puller should go between the wall and the board to release the seal when applying force.
  3. Once the seal is released, we suggest starting at one end and working your way down when removing the trim. This will allow you to leverage the trim to a complete advantage as it reduces the risk of damaging the trim or wall behind it. Drive the Trim Puller at one end of the trim and pull until completely separated. Being gentle is key as you do not want to snap the trim.
  4. Now, the nails connected to the trim should become loose. If you plan to repurpose trimming or baseboards, the nails must be removed. The Trim Puller face contains an integrated nail extractor to make the job easier. Once the nails are removed, you can now prepare the boards for repurposing or recycling! You can also try a fresh coat of paint or add the boards elsewhere in your home as decorative features like shelving or crown molding!
  5. In areas that are harder to reach or contain small trimming, try using the Zenith Mini Trim Puller! The Trim Puller Mini is the smaller version of the revolutionary Trim Puller. The Mini contains identical features to that of the Trim Puller & fits in tight spaces with great precision.

Thanks to great Trim Puller and Mini Trim Puller, you can now complete your home project and quickly take on another one!

The Trim Puller is available at many retailers such as Amazon, Lowes, and Home Depot.

The Mini Trim Puller is available exclusively online or in-store at Lowes.