Blog Overview Framework: Complete overview of how to remove baseboards.

Removing baseboards should be a cheap and easy Do-It-Yourself project. However, without the proper instructions or the right tool for removing baseboards, taking off baseboard trim can become a messy job. This messiness often leads to broken trim that is completely unusable. In this guide, we share our best tips and secret tools to remove floor molding and baseboards without damage, ensuring you can tackle this task efficiently.

The secret to removing old trim and baseboards is to take your time and not rush. The next best secret is to have the right trim pulling and removing tools. Pulling trim/baseboards with common tools such as a pry bar is often what leads to damage due to the design and leverage of the tool. 

Tools needed to remove trim and baseboards: 

  • Trim Puller 
  • Self-Prying Pro-Bar
  • Utility Knife
  • Putty Knife

To begin, use the utility knife to carefully cut the caulk located at the top of the baseboard. The caulk is used to seal the baseboard to the wall. Start at one end of the baseboard, cutting the seam from one end to the other. Repeat steps if necessary for each board.

Next, use the Trim Puller to place it between the baseboard and the wall. Moving from one end to the other, shift the Trim Puller back and forth slowly to remove the baseboard without damaging the drywall. 

The Zenith by Danco Trim Puller is the #1 DIY tool designed specifically for removing baseboards, trim, and molding. Its steel center wedge is larger, flatter, and wider, preventing damage to the trim and wall often caused by traditional pry bars. 

The Trim Puller can be picked up today on Amazon and the Home Depot.

Lastly, clean up any excess mess, such as glue or caulking, and you’re ready to replace the baseboards! Quarter rounds, molding, and door casings can be removed the same way as mentioned in the above steps. It is the ultimate beginner-friendly DIY project!

The big brother to the Trim Puller is the  Self-Prying Pro-Bar Hand Tool – the ultimate demolition salvage tool. It can also be utilized to remove trim and baseboards in larger areas! It functions as a larger version of the trim puller, doing all the work & more of a flat pry bar, wrecking bar, or claw. Its uncanny precision is key in jobs such as removing large floor tiles, planks, framing, sub-flooring, and decking.

When working to remove decking or trim with large nails, once the plank or trim is completely removed, use the integrated nail puller on the Pro-Bar to remove any finishing nails attached to the plank or trim. The Pro-Bar has 2 integrated precision nail removers, one located in the 90-angled face and the other in the tail, making it ideal for repair and remodel projects.

The Pro-Bar is available on Amazon and at the Home Depot.

Each Zenith by Danco tool is designed with durable high carbon, heat-treated steel with a ground bevel on edge. This allows the tool to easily be driven between trim and wall and also can be used as a shim for leveling cabinet bases making it the ultimate remodeling and trim removal tool.