Renovating a small bathroom in your home is a great way to spruce up your environment, so it should come as no surprise that this is a very popular home remodel project among do-it-yourselfers. There are many designs to choose from like modern, industrial, farmhouse or vintage. Each style involves its own unique fixtures, colors and other design elements that will require some minor demolition.

Before undertaking this project however, it’s important to establish a well laid out plan. Afterall, there is a bit more involved than just ripping out that old shower.

The guide below is great for homeowners who want to transform their space into the bathroom of their dreams in an easy and budget friendly way.

  1. Preparation and planning – Before jumping into your remodel project, you first need to determine your style choice and skill set. There are many different ways to remodel your bathroom – from simply replacing a vanity to fully gutting the room and starting from scratch.

    Find your inspiration by looking at photos, color palettes, or searching websites like Pinterest online. Once you’ve decided on your style choices, map out the desired changes or redesigns needed like storage space, flooring, fixtures, or paint colors.

    *When searching for new flooring, consider new laminate flooring that looks just like wood, but won’t dent or scratch.

  2. Gather tools and supplies needed – It is strongly advised to have all necessary tools and supplies on hand and readily available before you begin your remodel. Having to run out to the hardware store in the midst of work is never fun for anyone, and will only delay the completion of your project. Do you need paint, brushes, a drill, hammer etc? Make a list!

    Multi functioning tools are great for small bathroom renovations. The Zenith Trim Puller is the ultimate tool when removing baseboards, wall trimming, molding, paneling and nails without damage. The Trim Puller and Floor Lifter ease the renovation process as it can pull, pry, lift, and scrape unwanted fixtures or flooring. This is due to the impressive integrative wedge and durable handle. The Zenith Floor Lifter is perfect for extracting tile, scraping popcorn ceilings, and removing countertops.

  3. Demolition – Based on the level of remodel, this is where the actual renovation begins. You will need to remove old fixtures, flooring, baseboards, trim and drywall.

    The Trim Puller is the perfect tool as it will remove baseboards, wall trimming, and molding with ease without damaging the drywall and trim. Unlike any other pry bar tools on the market, the Trim Puller will allow you to repurpose and reuse your baseboards. It’s also the perfect tool for removing any old countertops without damaging your existing cabinets.

    Once these items have been removed, it’s time to demo the floor. The Zenith Floor Lifter will remove tile, wood, and laminate flooring in larger pieces which creates easier cleanup and will not damage the subflooring beneath. It is also a great tool for removing that unwanted popcorn ceiling. Just add the extension handle to scrape away popcorn ceilings without the need for a ladder.

  4. Remodel – Now that your demolition is complete, it’s time to start putting the bathroom together.
    • Add new wood, tile, or laminate flooring to the bathroom.
    • This is a great time to give your bathroom a new look. Reusing old trim extracted with the Trim Puller during demolition is a simple way to recycle material and save money on remodel. Give your old trim a fresh new color to further update the look of your new bathroom.
    • Paint always gives a fresh update to a room. You can create a bright space with white and light colors. If you are daring, try a darker or more vibrant color to show off your style.
    • Install new light fixtures and outlet covers to match your design esthetic.
  5. Decorate – This is probably one of the favorite steps of a remodel for most people. Decorative rugs, curtains and artwork really bring the completed project together.

    It is now time to show off your expert DIY skills, share tips & provide recommendations that helped you achieve your dream bathroom such as using the Zenith Trim Puller and Floor Lifter through before and after photos on your favorite social media platform. You can also share directly on the Zenith website!