It seems as if every single new year, we make promises to ourselves that include some renovation project. Before you know it, it is already December 31st, and you have completed none of the projects on your checklist. 

Let’s accomplish our DIY resolutions this year by adding these necessary demolition hand tools to your New Year Renovation Checklist! Here are some common renovation projects and must-have tools you’ll need handy!

Baseboards & Trim Upgrades

A quick and easy yet overlooked DIY project is replacing the baseboards and wall trim in the home. It’s a simple one-person job. But using an ordinary pry bar to remove the trim often damages the wall or material. Reduce the risk of damage and complete this project fast with the Trim Puller by Zenith. Explicitly designed for baseboard and trim removal, the Trim Puller pry’s away baseboards, trim, molding, and much more. Its steel center wedge is larger, flatter, and wider, preventing damage to the trim and wall often caused by traditional pry bars. 

The Trim Puller can be picked up today on Amazon and The Home Depot.

Flooring Repairs

DIY home renovation projects also include aspects that are usually ignored in the long run, such as cracked tile or chipped wood. Luckily, all you need to begin the repair is to retrieve the Floor Lifter from your toolbox. Cracked tiles or damaged wood flooring – the Floor Lifter can do it all. It has multiple uses and is the ultimate demolition hand tool, saving you time and money! Its large size and elongated design make it perfect for those hefty jobs. 

The Floor Lifter is available at The Home Depot and on Amazon!

Demolition Projects

Having the right tools and equipment is essential for DIY or Pro demolition projects that often take longer. Some of these projects may include: tearing out a wall, ripping out a shower/tub, or even gutting out the flooring in the kitchen or bathroom. Before starting any such demolition project, you must be prepared with the best equipment. 

The Zenith Self-Prying Pro-Bar tool is meant for use in heavy-duty demolition jobs. It functions as a larger version of the Zenith Trim Puller, doing all the work & more of a flat pry bar, wrecking bar, or claw. The durable heat-treated steel face and EDPM handle ensure uncanny precision and premium comfortability. It is extremely useful to demolish an old decking or remove large floor tiles, planks, and subflooring.  

The Pro-Bar and other essential Zenith by Danco tools are readily available on Amazon and at The Home Depot.

Hold yourself accountable and finish your renovation checklist before the end of the year. With Zenith by Danco tools by your side – there is no excuse!