The holidays are just around the corner. If you’ve been putting off a kitchen remodel for quite some time now, here’s your cue to finally get it done.

Do you want your kitchen to be ready for entertaining when the holidays come along? Then it’s time to improve its looks and functionality. A kitchen remodel is an investment that will pay for itself long after the holidays are over. It will allow you to work efficiently and smoothly, making your food preps—and your daily life—so much easier.

But before you start with your pre-holiday kitchen remodel, it’s important to make sure that you have the right tools.

Update the flooring and walls

Is your kitchen looking a bit dull or outdated? Updating its flooring and walls can be an affordable and simple way to refresh its look. Add or replace the wallpaper, apply a fresh coat of paint, and replace the baseboards, trim, and flooring.

The Zenith Trim Puller will make this project easier with its integrative wedge to safely take out baseboards without damaging them. If you’re replacing hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring, be sure to pick up the Zenith Floor Lifter to make the job easier without damaging the surface. Think of it as a wrecking bar, claw, or flat pry bar in one. It eliminates the need for a small board spacer or shim, so you don’t have to spend on more tools.

Update your backsplash

Another way to freshen and liven up your kitchen interiors is by adding an attractive backsplash. A high-quality material can make a statement and provide a timeless finish to your kitchen.

Installing a backsplash will probably require you to remove some countertop material. The Zenith Floor Lifter should make the job easier. Its integrative wedge will safely pry beneath your existing countertop for easy removal.

Re-think your storage needs

Consider your kitchen storage requirements when remodeling your kitchen. Can you benefit from expanding the pantry or updating the cabinetry? Perhaps you can install more shelves or create a walk-in pantry. Alternatively, you can simply organize your cupboards and pantry to save time and money.

Start planning your remodel

Now is a good time to start planning your pre-holiday kitchen remodel. With a solid plan and a timeline, you should be able to finish the project on time so that your kitchen is ready for the upcoming festivities. Your family and guests will be impressed by your remodel—and you will benefit from your new and refreshed kitchen well after the holidays because it will become functional, spacious, and easier to work in.

Pre-holiday remodels can quickly become stressful, but you can make it easier with the right home improvement tools. Consider getting the Zenith Trim Puller and Floor Lifter to help speed up and simplify your renovation project. Both these tools will give you the option to repurpose the old materials for another project later on. They’re wonderful tools for avid DIYers and are used by professional home renovation experts, too.